[Torrent] Corona Render v1.5.1 for 3ds Max 2012-2017 full

Corona render 1.5.1
Corona render 1.5.1

Today, I am proud to present to you Corona Renderer 1.5 for Autodesk 3ds Max! This is the second update to Corona this year, and it focuses on letting you change the color and intensity of lights during or after rendering, significantly reducing the need for post-production software, increasing compatibility with materials from third party software, and of course increased stability and workflow improvements.

It works with 3Ds Max 2012 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

You can check new feature here https://corona-renderer.com/blog/corona-renderer-1-5-released/

Corona render 1.5.1
Corona render 1.5.1

Corona render 1.5.1 new feature and improvements

– Interactive LightMix that lets you adjust color and intensity of lights and light-emitting materials during or after rendering, so you can make changes as subtle as the warmth of light, or change day into night, all without re-rendering.

– Updated materials to match evolving industry standards and improve compatibility with third party tools such as Allegorithmic’s Substance tools and Quixel’s Megascans, etc.

– New post-processing in the VFB for bloom, glare, filmic tone mapping, vignette and saturation.

– LUTs which can be applied to the VFB to adjust the look of your render, or through a CoronaOutput map to adjust materials and textures. A wide variety of LUTs are included in the installation.

– CoronaDistance map, which lets you create “smart” materials that know how far away they are from objects in the scene.

– Rendering to Cube map format.

– The CoronaVrWarp helper for creating VR tours entirely within 3ds Max.

Here is download link Corona with full

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How to crack Corona render 1.5.1

1. Install.
2. Read the “ReadMe.txt” for instructions.
3. Enjoy.

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